You can be a fashionista

You can be a fashionista if you aren’t a huge fan of fashion, go ahead and skip this point! Tall women have an odd situation about fashion. While runway clothing is worn by tall women, clothing in most retail stores caters to shorter women who are a more average height. Over the past decades the situation has improved vastly, but tall women know the experience of finding a cute item that is not available in her size. But once you do find clothing that fits, you can rock it like no one else! Modeling and fashion are so driven by confidence and quirkiness that your height offers a tremendous advantage.

Re-think your approach to hair and your hairstyle. Regardless of your age, healthy, looser, hair looks more youthful than either hair that doesn’t move or hair that “drags down” your face and makes you look older. When graying or gray hair becomes a factor, of course, the decision of whether to color it becomes a factor too. Whether or not you decide to color it may depend on how much gray your hair has in it, or how premature that gray hair may be. This is an individual decision, although gray hair (even when it’s healthy and swing-y) can add years to your appearance.

Pear shaped women have heavy hips and thighs with small upper body structure, and they must try cloths that can shift the focal point from hips to the upper part of the body. It is tricky to use bright upper tops with dark colored lower garments. Line skirts are good for them as this will hide the bulky hips and thigh parts of their body and help them looking slimmer than they are.

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